SAG Life Raft Screening and Q&A with the Directors: Darin Anthony and J. Richey Nash. Watch the full Q&A HERE.

Darin directed The Good Boy in New York at the Abingdon Theatre. Opened April 2, 2013.

Darin directed S.O.E. by Jami Brandli, Bootleg Theatre at Atwater Village. Opened March 23, 2013.

Darin directed Hurlyburly by David Rabe at Theatre of Arts. Opened July 24, 2013.

Darin directed Richard Martin Hirsch's The Closeness of the Horizon, which opened May 18th at the Odyssey Theatre.

Darin directed Michael Bonnabel's The Good Boy, which opened in April 2011 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center.

Darin directed Richard Greenberg's The Violet Hour, which opened in February 2011 at the Lillian Theatre, Elephant Stages.

Darin directed the West Coast Premiere of Rachel Axler's Smudge for the Syzygy Theatre Group, which opened in January 2011. Rachel was a staff writer on the emmy-winning The Daily Show with John Stewart and is currently on staff with the NBC hit Parks and Recreation

Darin directed his first feature film, Hitting the Cycle, written by J. Richey Nash. Principal photography began in August 2010 in Lexington, Kentucky.

Darin Anthony made his Off-Off Broadway debut July 17, 2010, directing The Incident Report, written by EM Lewis. The Incident Report played as part of the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival.

Darin directed the world premiere of London’s Scars, the award-winning drama from Ovation-nominated playwright Richard Martin Hirsch. The production opened at the Odyssey Theatre on May 15 and ran through June 27, 2010.

Darin observed director Scott Ellis on the Showtime hit Weeds during the first week of June 2010.